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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Appeal to Save - "Daughters of India"

Hi Friends,

I would like to touch upon the issue of reducing number of Indian girls. I have posted my thoughts in following paras. I would appreciate your comments and concern for the same issue.  I have been reading lot of articles on this issue. I have read a book on Female Foeticide titled as "Disappearing Daughters: The Tragedy of Female Foeticide", its written by Gita Aravamudan. Yesterday(25th April 2010), there was article in Times of India written by "Pratibha Masand" with lot of statistics of reducing number of girl child in Mumbai.  I would like to focus on key happenings in our daily surroundings.

  • More we are getting educated, we are moving towards intellectual way of avoiding birth to a girl child.
  • Irony, is that educated parents are trying as hard as possible to give birth to baby boy. There have been cases where father who is a doctor, insist their wife to get baby girl aborted and focus on baby boy birth.
  • This situation is prevalent through out India. States that have been responsible for lower number of girl child ratio are Gujarat, Southern States, Punjab, Rajasthan and many more.
  • We all would be surprised to know that there are number of ways to get rid of female Foeticide. It becomes very difficult to detect at times whether the child born was killed or died naturally. Intially, there were methods used to kill the new born baby girl by burrying them in mud, stopping them to breathe, making them drink some liquid so that die immediately. 
  • Presently, we should thank our new medical developments, that now it has become easier to abort the female Foeticide. Now scanning which is available though it is not legal in India, is running in full fledged manner and whether it is villages or cities or your good contacts with the people who are providing scaning facilities. 
  • Let us have a look at figures in Mumbai. Number of girls born for every 1000 boys as registered by the BMC over the past five years.
  1. Colaba - Year 2005 - 1073 & Year 2009 - 867
  2. Dadar - Year 2005 - 1008 &  Year 2009 - 871
  3. Andheri - Year 2005 - 1013  Year 2009 - 911
  4. Mulund - Year 2005 - 868 & Year 2009 - 911
  • From above figures we can understand that girl child rate is reducing very rapidly.
  • We would be shocked to know that as the girl child ratio reduces, the condition of women in the society would be detoriated rapidly. 
  • This is a misbelief that as girls would be in lesser number, it would bring importance to girls. Infact, there would be more number of rape cases, kidnapping, torturing to girls, eve teasing that would be increased.
  • The factors responsible for killing female foeticide are dowry, heir to family, our mentality of not considering girls equivalent to boys, poor condition of girls after marriage, eve teasing, rape cases, kidnapping of girls etc.
  • There has been hardly any powerful plan that in India, it would have been assumed by all of us that we should whole heartedly welcome the new born baby girl in our family. Most of the schemes that government has come up, has hardly put any impact on the society, as we can see the data. 

I believe its not one person or one government effort to reduce the female foeticide, its everyone effort who has born as girl and who has also born as a BOY to welcome a GIRL in their own family.

I would urge everyone who reads this blog to post their thoughts and lets bring change ourselves and our society. Its really required. 

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